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“Last Wednesday, this kid BIKED his way into the FOURTH grade! We hooked him up with an electric assist (installed later this day), and he is now equipped to handle any mountain road.
I am feeling so incredibly grateful for our little school community this year. His class is outside, all weather, all year, with just 6 kids and his devoted teacher. The best part? They are HERE by the farm in Olivette (our community). I could not imagine a better school outcome for this crazy time we are in. In fact, I think it’s even better than it would have been sans covid. Here’s to embracing change.” ~ Community member and mother Katie Davis

We are pleased to announce that we are taking a step forward in the goal of offering educational opportunities for children at Olivette. We have been in conversations with the Asheville Waldorf School for the last three years as Olivette and Asheville Waldorf School seem very aligned in our goals for offering forward thinking education and lifestyles. Unexpectedly, the Covid-19 pandemic created the first opportunity to match all of our needs to allow for the possibility to become a reality. Asheville Waldorf School has long wanted to have a primarily outdoor based location as learning through and with nature as it is a key component of their education. For the season of 2020/2021, they will be setting up a complete temporary outdoor school at Olivette with all necessary facilities that include three classrooms.

We are grateful for the efforts of our community member Kate Davis for facilitating this collaboration, and are very happy to be welcoming Asheville Waldorf School to Olivette. Perhaps this will be the beginning of a more long term educational aspect of Olivette, but in the meantime we are grateful we are able to be supportive in creating a temporary solution to allow AWS to continue their work under these unprecedented challenges.

Photography credit: Katie Davis

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