“We are inspired by water - hearing it, smelling it in the air, playing in it, walking next to it, painting it, surfing, swimming, or fishing in it, writing about it, photographing it, and creating lasting memories along its edge.”- Wallace J. Nichols, Blue Mind


We take adventure seriously at Olivette. Grab a community Red Bike, stash your smartphone in one of our Unplug Stations and truly connect with and enjoy the outdoors. At Olivette, you can tube from the top of our shoreline all the way to Azalea Island and run back for a quick river adventure. You can stroll or run along our eight mile trail system, play a game of frisbee on the green, take the kids to Deerberry Playground, or throw a line in the river for some of the best smallmouth bass fishing in the world. Rosebay Park will soon include kayak, canoe, tube and tackle storage, and we are working with area outfitters to plan more structured river outings based right here from Olivette’s riverfront. Not only do all residents have access to river and creek overlooks (called Blue Mind points), but Rosebay Park is among the largest and most beautiful beaches along the French Broad River.


Olivette is the future home to a K-8 school, numerous Little Free Libraries and lifelong learning opportunities such as garden education for all ages. "The Olivette Community is an ideal setting for a new kind of school -- a school that invites its students to fully engage in a zone where science, creativity, collaboration, and service come together to reveal and establish a dynamic connection with the natural world. The resources for experiential education at Olivette are boundless: farm, forest, and river; local history; the gifts and experience of a diverse community of residents -- all drawn together by a common purpose. I am excited to know that education is a high priority for the community's founders, and I can't wait to see what develops for children and young people here (as well as for inter-generational and life-long learning).The moment is ripe for something extraordinary.” - Chris Weaver, Educator and School Designer, Founder, One Purpose Design


Our community supports creativity by providing space for ideas, events, art and personal expression. We offer the use of our Fire Pit Amphitheater for performances and storytelling, as well as event spaces at Rosebay Park and Olivette Farm for community members and local business owners to host creative events, and more. Azalea Island is large enough to accommodate wedding ceremonies, family picnics, anniversaries and holiday get-togethers. Residents of Olivette will receive the support of our experienced events team in planning and executing community-focused and creative endeavors.


At Olivette, site planning and design are carefully balanced with environmental stewardship and the preservation of the natural beauty of the land and waterways. Homes here are an extension of the hills and mountains, the streams, the forests, and the French Broad River. Living at Olivette means having a year-round connection to the outdoors. Olivette provides a peaceful setting right outside of the bustle of vibrant Asheville. Unwind by the riverfront or in the comfort of your home as you gaze out on the Blue Ridge Mountains and French Broad River. Breathe deeply and relax your mind at our Community House, labyrinth or one of our Blue Mind Points along community hiking trails.

Olivette Riverside Community & Farm