The Power Of A Flower

Posted on: September 17, 2020, by :

I never understood the power of a flower until we participated in the annual Olivette sunflower bomb. The activity was uplifting on its own. Gathering flowers with friends and family will put a smile on anyone’s face. Then we shared the flowers with the community at large, and the true power of the flower emerged. Facebook and Instagram posts popped up everywhere wondering where the flowers came from. Conversations about random acts of kindness, gratitude, and surprise dominated the forums. This random act broke the news cycle, and allowed a moment for everyone to stop and smell the sunflowers.

Thank you to all that came out to support the sunflower bomb. Also, a big thanks to Joe and Daniel for growing a cover crop that created so much happiness. And thank you for the outpouring of gratitude from our community.

“Thank you. I drove over today and was delighted!”

“This was so uplifting to see this morning on my way to work! Such a beautiful thing. Thank you!”

“I love these my students flipped out today. We stopped the school bus on the bridge for them to take pictures! Thank you for doing this.”

“Love the sunflowers. I had sunflowers mixed with Field flowers placed on top my dads casket . Every time I see a sunflower I think of him. . Makes my heart smile.”

“It was a lovely treat to come home through after a long shift at the hospital 🙂 thanks, neighbors!”

“My dad loved sunflowers. He’s been gone a year tomorrow. Your act of kindness was right on time – there’s no such thing as coincidence 💛🌻.”

“This was such a precious act of kindness for this community.”

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