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Chow Chow: Pollinating Metamorphosis

July 10 @ 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Event Style: Multi-course Dinner with Paired Beverage

The presence of diverse and healthy pollinators like butterflies, bees, moths, hummingbirds, and beetles is a signal that a landscape is functioning in beautiful harmony, at its highest expression of health and diversity. Pollinators ensure the continued existence of millions of plant species, as well as the animal species that depend on those plant species, including humans. Many pollinator populations are in decline, attributed to the mismanagement of the dynamic ecosystems that support our planet—pollution, the misuse of chemicals, disease, and changes in climatic patterns are all examples of what is causing shrinking and shifting pollinator populations. It’s time for a metamorphosis in the way land is honored as a whole. Join Chow Chow and Kim Bailey, founder of Milkweed Meadows Farm and Phyllis Stiles, founder and director emerita of Bee City USA for a pollinator centered experience that explores whole landscape ecology, celebrating the beauty and importance of pollinators and some of the regional efforts to prioritize the holistic stewardship of our corner of Appalachia that allow pollinators to thrive. From the farm fields to the forested mountaintops we invite you to an inventive dining experience that imagines the bravery of metamorphosis, and the synergy and abundance of intricate life that is supported when we honor the ecology of the land. 

Featured Chefs/Restaurants: Brian Crow – Chestnut, Eric Burleson  – Over Easy and ELDR, Sarah Wickers – Well Seasoned Table, Ashley & Greg Garrison – The Hop Ice Cream, Eli Je-Bailey and Sydney Rubin – Hominy Farm


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July 10
5:00 pm - 9:00 pm