The Summer Beat

Posted on: July 21, 2020, by :

Summer time is in full swing, and residents here at Olivette are dancing to the beat of their own drums (literally!). Community-led music has allowed neighbors to gather while safely distancing, and enjoy the ultimate universal language, music. Our neighbors’ musical talents first debuted on the streets with a spontaneous street concert at the beginning of Stay Home Stay Safe orders. Connecting with neighbors through music was a welcomed reprieve from the daily news grind. It also revealed hidden musical talents tucked away in the neighborhood. Neighbors gathered again  on Father’s Day for a driveway concert hosted on Ken’s drive confirming ANYWHERE is the perfect place to enjoy music together. 

As the summer beats on, so does Olivette with our first drum circle. Drummers of all ages gathered at sunset by the fire to tap out their own rhythm.

Evenings like this one allow you to really appreciate your surroundings with the sounds of summer. We eagerly await the next gathering where all ages and all talents are welcome to enjoy making music together.

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