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As you might have noticed, we’ve been adding several great new members to the Olivette team over the past few months. The fact is that Olivette is growing faster than we ever imagined, and so our team is growing with it. Mary Love is our newest addition, a broker and Green Building Specialist with a seriously impressive background and a passion for environmental living that is a perfect fit for Olivette. We’ll be doing a full interview shortly, but in the meantime we wanted you to meet Mary right away. If you have any questions for her, please feel free to submit them on the Facebook page or comment below! She has a deep well of environmental knowledge so don’t be shy 🙂

Mary Love has been living and teaching the Green Life for so long she is affectionately called the “Grandmother of Green”. Her love for nature and sustainability naturally developed from growing up on a farm. An education enthusiast, she has a Master’s in Administration and Supervision and a Master’s in Environmental Science. She has been certified in the following areas: Home Energy Star Rater, Building Professional Institute Rater, System Visions Rater, NC Green Homes Rater, National Association of Realtors GREEN, ECO Agent, Build Green Real Estate Agent.

Having worked in the past as a real estate and green consultant, she has partnered with organizations such as Land of Sky Realtors Association, Asheville Home Builders Associations, Green Built Alliance, Asheville Habitat For Humanity, Mountain Housing Opportunities, Hendersonville Housing Authority, Asheville City, Asheville Buncombe Community Christian Ministry. Moreover, she has helped create certification programs, workshops, as well as sustainable building projects such as Prospect Terrace and the weatherization of the Veteran Restoration Quarters.

Mary received the 2016 National Association Realtors Evergreen Award. She is a sought-out expert for her knowledge in both the green building and real estate industry and has been featured in the National Association of Home Builders Women’s magazine, National Association of Realtors GREEN newsletters and Asheville City Work Place Challenge.

Mary sees the world as one big Green Project and her passion is helping everyone understand how we are all connected.

We at Olivette hope you’ll join us in welcoming Mary to the fold! And don’t forget to post your questions, either on Facebook or below.

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